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What to expect from the weather in Koh Phayam Island

One of the main concerns for any tourists visiting our island is the weather in Koh Phayam. Unlike some other areas of Thailand, we experience just two seasons, unlike the three in many other parts of the country, and these are the dry and the wet seasons. Although they are relatively easy to define, they can sometimes overlap at the beginning and end of the seasons. It means that if you are concerned about experiencing sporadic heavy storms, you may be best avoiding the “shoulder” months.

The Dry Season

The dry season typically begins in November and continues to around Songkran in April. The temperatures range between 32 degrees and 35 degrees during these months, with March usually the hottest month on the island. It is the dry season that would be classed as the traditional high-season in terms of tourism. For sun-worshippers, you will be delighted to know that we average around 7.5 hours of sun per day in January and February, and we only get 3.5 days of rain.

From our experience, we find that the best weather is usually in December and March, and although we do get slightly less average daily sunshine with 6.5 hours, we do get around six days when it rains, which helps to keep everything looking green and clears the air. Of course, the sun is always intense in Koh Phayam, and although many of the beaches are lined by trees that offer excellent shade, we would recommend bringing plenty of sun cream.

The Wet Season 

The wet season runs from May to October but can easily overlap the shoulder months. Ranong Province gets the largest amount of rainfall in Thailand, perfect for keeping the area looking green and beautiful, but not perhaps what tourists are looking for! The island’s western coastline tends to get the most rain, but generally, the whole island is affected. The heaviest rains come between June and September and can be torrential, making it almost impossible to venture outside during a storm.

It is common for 23-28 days a month to have rain during the wet season, and with temperatures usually in the low 30s, the humidity can be quite oppressive. However, after the rain has passed, the humidity does drop for a short period. Fortunately, at our resorts in Koh Phayam, we have plenty of fans to reduce the discomfort, and the pleasant sea breezes also help you remain cool. When the storms arrive, they tend not to last all day, so it is advisable to stay inside, relax, and wait for the sun to come out again!

How much influence does the weather in Koh Phayam play?

Life in Koh Phayam runs at a very sedate pace, so things tend just to stop when it rains. It is fantastic for locals, but if you are a tourist, it isn’t ideal. However, as most people come to the island to get away from it all, the rain can give you an opportunity to get some extra sleep or read a book. As with most things on Koh Phayam, it is what you make it!